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Web Design Company Hyderabad

Avani Tech is a Web design company Hyderabad India. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver web-based applications that provide the right fit for your business. Our website development service is process-driven and strives to fulfill all your different needs.

As a website design company Hyderabad India, we develop suitable websites for your business right from scratch. We strive to develop a dynamic partnership with our clients in order to restructure their web-based applications so as to fulfill the current requirements, thereby maintaining, enhancing and also documenting all applications as per client needs.

Our website design company Hyderabad India is fully process-oriented so as to achieve maximum efficiency and ensure that all your needs are not just met but also exceeded. We also provide services related to website maintenance Hyderabad India. Our web development team undertakes the following steps in order to provide extensive web development services that meet client requirements:

1. Initial Planning

Firstly, we attempt to understand your objective and purpose for developing a website. We also pay attention to the policies of your business for development and utilization of information. We attempt to identify the target audience for whom the website is being created.

2. Extensive Analysis

We use various kinds of validation tools in order to test the technical structure of the website and also to establish the accuracy of the domain information.

3. Website Design

We break down the information into a number of chunks, each comprising of one webpage. Next, we connect the different webpages as per user-behavior. We also provide context and navigation-based cues in order to make the website user-friendly and creating a consistent interface.

4. Implementation

Now that the design is ready, we set up an extendible directory along with file structure. We use HTML tools and templates in order to create a functional and consistent interface. We also test website performance in different browsers.

5. Targeted Promotion

Once the website is set up, we need to drive traffic to it. Thus, we prepare publicity releases targeted at the general Web population. For this we first have to identify potential and current visitors. We also ensure that generally accepted online community practices and norms are followed in order to connect with different users in an innovative manner in order to fulfill their requirements effectively and efficiently.

Our web design and development services typically include:

  • Designing templates for homepage and secondary pages
  • Development of graphic elements
  • Designing and development of logo (optional)
  • Using Macromedia Flash to create animation (optional)
  •  Editing and improving pictures
  •  HTML coding and implementation


E-Business Applications

We also offer services related to a wide range of B2B applications such as E-business Platform and Supply Chain systems. We also offer services related to development and implementation of B2C E-commerce systems.
Other business applications offered include:

Shopping Cart Systems: Hassle-free shopping and 100% customer satisfaction
Payment Gateway Integration: Fast and secure processing of online transactions
Corporate CMS: Efficient content management for business
Customer Relation Management (CRM): Effective and efficient management of current and future customers
Document Management System: Efficient tracking and secure storage of electronic documents